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Jason K. Rodgers


After graduating with A Chemical Engineering bachelor's degree at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Jason started out as an intern at Total, Beligium about 35 years ago before he moved to the United Kingdom to study Business Administration at University of London, London, UK and erned a BSc for it.

He proceeded to work in a couple of Petro-Chemical establishment in various capacities before settling to set up Gulf Shores Contractors Company. In the beginning years of Gulf Shores Contractors Company, Jason steered it as a Contractor based comapny where he sourced for jobs within the Oil and Gas sector in Europe, North and South America

Over the year, the company has assembled some of the most competent hands in the industry where their attitude and approach to work is nothing short of professionalism

In order for one to stand out in the Oil and Gas industry as an individual or a corporate establishment, attention to detail and quality service delivery must be key in the orientation of your team.


David Jones
Operations Director
David has been in the Oil and Gas sector for over 24 years. He has an MSc in International Project Management from the Glasgow Caledonian University.
John Karl Daniels
Cheif Finance Officer (CFO)
He has a Master's degree in Quantitative Finance from BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo, Norway. He joined the comapany 5 years ago